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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a set of tools that are designed to automate digital processes. It helps companies of all sizes improve inefficiencies, automate tedious tasks, and drive more value out of their processes.

Process Definition Document

To help businesses identify processes and lay out a framework for RPA, Elecsoft consultants use a Process Definition Document.  This document describes the sequence of actions performed as part of the business process, the conditions and rules of the process prior to automation (AS IS), as well as the new sequence of actions that the process will follow as a result of preparation for automation (TO BE)

As-Is Process

The Business Analyst (BA) documents the current process which serves as the starting point for re-engineering and automation.


To-Be Process

This section outlines proposed improvements to the process, along with the actions proposed for robotic process automation and the type of robot required.


Automation of Order Submission Process

Pre-RPA Process

  • Agents periodically monitor order Queue
  • Manually copy/paste order details to order processing system
  • Average of 80-90 orders daily
  • Approx. 15 min. – 20mins per order
  • Commonly missed 75 mins window for rekeying

The opportunity is to automate these high cost (manual), low value (not revenue driving) transactions

Post-RPA Process

  • Eliminated the need for manual order queue monitoring 
  • Automated order submission
  • <1 minute per order with automation
  • No more missed orders