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Team Augmentation

Information Technology is the fastest growing sector in Canada and tech specialists are in high demand. Organizations are finding it challenging to recruit and retain tech talent, which makes it all the more important to find partners that are able to quickly and effectively respond to your team augmentation needs.   


Why choose Elecsoft?

Join other large enterprises in using our team members on your software development related projects. They can help you from concept to deployment of your project. 

Are you ready to experience the Elecsoft Advantage? Let us help you build your next tech team. 

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  • Our team augmentation services were developed through the projects we have delivered over the past 15 years, allowing us to understand HR challenges from our client’s perspective.  
  • We provide a wide range of tech talent, including – test managers, test leads, test analysts, QA engineers, software engineers and developers, automation engineers as well as project managers and business analysts. 
  • Our hires work in multiple coding languages (JAVA, C++, C, Python, JavaScript etc.) to script applied technologies in RPA, Machine Learning and Test Automation.  
  • Our tech talent is thoroughly vetted by a highly technical recruitment team, going through a proprietary screening process where skills are tested in real time. 
  • Our local talent pool allows us to undertake projects quickly and helps avoid language, cultural, and time-zone challenges.    
  • We help with recruitment, project and team management – including all HR processes required for the team we bring onboard.